Giant Snow Pea

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Check out this snow pea that my plant grew!  I accidentally broke the top off of it while removing it from the plant.  The peas inside of it were huge as well.  Caleb wanted to eat it, but he said it tasted yucky.  This has got to be a prize  pea!


thyme2garden said...

Wow, that really is a giant pea! Did you end up eating it? Any good?

Kimmi said...

Oh it was SO bitter!

Sarah S. said...

A lot of our peas wound up getting really huge but not THAT huge. We shucked them and blanched them for freezing with our Alaska peas - they mostly didn't really taste bitter in and of themselves, just in comparison to the Alaskas. However, I must say that those are probably the biggest snow peas I've seen, bar none.
Happy gardening!

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